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800 Eyes Ltd.

Welcome to 800 Eyes Ltd. We are an optical company registered by the Trinidad and Tobago Optical Registration Council and are fully certified to practice Optometry throughout the country. We offer full sight testing, dispensing and retail optical services. This includes Spectacles and Contact Lenses. Our team has over 20 years’ experience in the medical and optical industry including an in house medical doctor who is able to assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for non-surgical medical eye conditions.

Powered by female entrepreneurship, our brand is driven by passion and compassion. The name itself 800 Eyes shows how we feel about our customers, it’s a toll free number. It does not cost you to speak with us. Our tag line also shows our Trini sense of humour because you really can call and see. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are met in an enjoyable fashion. Our atmosphere is friendly and family oriented and our wish is to build long term relationships with each and every one of you whilst keeping you satisfied as we continue to care for your needs.

– Seema Mahabir, Managing Director